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What to do if your tooth falls out

Having one of your teeth fall out unexpectedly either as a result of some kind of impact perhaps from a fall or sports collision can be incredibly scary. An emergency call to a dentist will see you in the hands of a professional in no time who will be able to assess any damage to your tooth and gums and sort the problem for you which may include the need for Dental Implants. If implants are needed you should look for an Immediate Implant Cardiff business that has the knowledge and expertise to conduct this for you.

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As distressing as these incidents can be there are some things that you can do to help, as long as you can remain calm. The advice for what to do when a tooth is knocked out depends on the age of the tooth. If you are unsure of whether the tooth is a baby tooth or an adult one you should place the tooth in a small amount of milk or even better the saliva from the persons who’s tooth it is and keep in a container for your visit to the dentist.

If it is baby tooth that is knocked out, you should not try to put it back into place as you can damage the adult tooth that is growing beneath the surface. Instead you should try to keep your child calm and try to reduce and stop any blood that is coming from the wound. It is still important that you arrange for a visit to the dentist to check whether the tooth came out cleanly or whether there is a small amount of the tooth or root remaining in the gums.

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When it is an adult tooth that is knocked out there are a number of things to do in order to give you the best opportunity to have the tooth implanted back into your gums. You should hold the tooth by the crown (the white area) and never touch the root section as you can damage it, if the tooth has fallen on the floor you can run it under cold water but for no more than ten seconds. Once it has been cleaned you can try to place the tooth back into the hole in the gum, if this happens easily you should bite down gently on a clean cloth to hold the tooth in place whilst you travel to the dentist. If the tooth does not go back into the hole in the gum easily you should place it in either milk or your own saliva and take it with you to the dentist.

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