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The dental “Bass Method” brushing technique

brushing technique

Most of the dental associations and dentists strongly recommend the teeth brushing technique known as the “Bass Method”.

What is the dental “Bass Method” brushing technique?

The Bass Method teeth brushing technique consists of always brushing away from the gum line that is from gum to tooth. This specific toothbrush movement effectively helps to remove the plaque and provides a healthy massage to the gums. It also helps in the optimal blood circulation and also avoids the separation of the gums from the teeth.

Bass Method brushing technique also protects the gums from gingivitis since the food particles are moved away from the gum line. Although this method is very effective, it is very difficult to follow with manual as well as power toothbrushes

Is it important to brush regularly following the dental Bass Method?

Statistics shown by the World Health Organization(WHO) suggests that dental cavities are increasing day by day. Dental cavities are caused by the accumulation of dental plaque. The basic principle of dental hygiene illustrates to brush after every meal. The main objective of brushing is to remove the dental plaque in order to prevent dental cavities and gum problems.

In the course of time, plaque turns into tartar and starts to attack the epithelial attachment (Joint between tooth and gum). The attack on the epithelial attachment causes gingivitis (Inflammation of gums), if not treated becomes chronic gingivitis (loss of gingival or bony matter).

So the dental Bass Method brushing technique protects the epithelial attachment from getting infected.

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