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Sanitizing your tooth brush

Sanitizing your tooth brush

Sanitization of tooth brush is important since tooth brush is the store house of millions of bacteria which may lead to infectious diseases. Some times you may also catch reinfection from the diseases like mouth infection or cold since the bacterias from these diseases may accumulate on your tooth brush.

Most people think that tooth brushes are protected from germs or microbes if the head of the tooth brush is placed inside a cap or the tooth brush itself inside a closed container.Actually the closed containers have moisture that itself create an environment that helps for the replication of bacterias or microbes.Therefore, never cover your tooth brush in a closed cap or container.

Bacteria Sources on toothbrush

  • Bacterias in your oral cavity
  • Microbes from the environment
  • Tooth brush packages itself doesn’t have any sterile requirements to free the tooth brush from microbes.

Tooth brush sanitizing methods

  • There are tooth brush sanitizers that are available in the market which is very effective in killing 99% of microbes on your tooth brush.
  • Immersing your tooth brush for around 20 minutes in any antibacterial solution or Listerine (An antiseptic mouth wash) is also helpful in killing bacterias. Keep reading https://diffone.com/health/ways-to-improve-the-appearance-of-your-teeth/

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