Teeth Braces Reviews

Parts of teeth braces

  • Appliance:- Anything the orthodontist cements to your teeth to move your teeth or to adjust the figure of your jaw.
  • Archwire:-A fine metal string that is glued to your brackets to move your teeth.
  • Band:- A band is a metal ring that is commonly situated on you teeth to keep intact the parts of your braces.
  • Bracket:- A metal or ceramic material that is attached onto a tooth and helps fastening of the arch wire.
  • Breakaway:- A tiny plastic piece with an internal spring which is used to render pressure on a facebow.
  • Buccal tube:- Buccal tube is a tiny metal component that is attached on the outside of a molar bank. The buccal tube includes slots to hold archwires, lip bumpers, facebows and any other things your orthodontist employs to move your teeth.
  • Orthodontic Chain:- An extendable plastic chain used to keep intact the archwires into brackets.
  • Facebow, Headgear:- They are partially external gadgets used to shape your upper molars and move them back in your mouth thereby rendering space for huddled or protrusive anterior teeth. Commonly, the facebow comprises of two metal components that have been connected together. The inner part which, takes the shape of a horseshoe, goes in your mouth and is cemented to your buccal tubes. The outer part includes two curves that go around your face, and glue to the breakaways or high pull headgear.
  • Ligating module:- A tiny plastic part, shaped like a donut, used to keep intact the arch wires in the brackets on your teeth.
  • Lip bumper:- A lip bumper is used to force the molars on your lower jaw back to render more room for other teeth. The lip bumper includes an arch wire that is affixed to a moulded piece of plastic. You attach the arch wire in the buccal tubes on your lower jaw, and plastic bit rests against your lips. When you eat or talk, you force the plastic piece back that pushes on your molars back.
  • Mouthguard:- An equipment that is used to guard your mouth from injury when you are participating in sports like boxing, cricket, football etc The use of a mouthguard is particularly critical for orthodontic patients, to avoid injuries.
  • Neck pad:- A cloth-covered cushion worn around your neck when you wear your facebow. Usually, the breakaways are fitted to the neck pad to render pressure for the facebow.
  • Palatal Expander: – A device used to widen your jaw.
  • Retainer: – A gadget that the orthodontist provides you to wear after he/she removes your braces. The retainer is fitted to your upper teeth to hold them in the correct position. You wear the retainer at night to ensure that none of your teeth tilt while your jaw hardens and your teeth get strongly cemented to your jaw.
  • Safety Strap:- A plastic strap which forbids a facebow from coming loose and causing injury.
  • Seperator:- A metal or plastic material which helps the orthodontist to render room between your teeth for putting up bands.
  • Wax:- A clear wax that helps to avoid your braces irritating your lips when your braces are worn.

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