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How toothpaste helps in maintaining proper dental health?

proper dental health

Brushing is a routine activity but most of the people doesn’t know the chemistry behind the cleansing of teeth.Here are the mechanism of toothpaste that helps in the proper cleaning of the teeth.

Abrasive action:-The abrasive agents in the toothpastes helps in removing the food particles and food stains in the oral cavity by the abrasive action.It also helps in polishing of the tooth surface.Studies shows that tooth powders have almost twice the abrasive action as that of toothpastes. Keep reading https://ish-world.org/reviews/new-year-healthy-eating-regimes-for-good-dental-health/

Antiseptic Action:-The toothpaste contains antimicrobial agents such as Xylitol which inhibit the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

Fluoride Action:-Fluoride is one of the important ingredients of toothpaste that helps to replace hydroxyapatite of tooth with fluorapatite which is much stronger as well as resistant to caries.

Points to remember while using a toothpaste

  • Swallowing of tooth paste causes fluoride toxicity.So, never swallow the toothpaste
  • Limit the use of tooth pastes for another need such as pimples or zits since excessive use will damage the sensitive skin eventhough the tooth pastes are found to be helpful in removing pimples or zits but there is no scientific support.
  • Don’t brush more vigorously for a long duration since it will give you more harm than good.

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