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Healthy Diet Leads To Healthy Teeth

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good and controlled diet always leads to healthy teeth.You can take advice from dentist that what all foods you can and cannot have for the healthy teeth.The forbidden foods will be hard candies,starchy foods,chewy foods like caramel toffees,sugary sodas etc.These foods remain in the teeth for a long time even if you have finished eating them.Then there will be a hike in the harmful bacteria which will drill through the enamel finally causing tooth decay,gum disease,cavities etc.

Really,dental problems can be prevented with a diet that will reduce dental diseases.People whose saliva contains more vitamin K are less susceptible to oral diseases.Vitamin K is called as one of the key nutrients for dental health and vitamin K causes the deposition of calcium in the teeth which in turn renders strength to the teeth.
Common Sources of Vitamin K are:

  • Liver
  • Fats of grazing animals
  • Egg Yolk
  • Cheese and butter

There is an another Asian product (Mostly seen in Japanese markets) called Nato a soy product which is fermented to render high quantity of Vitamin K.

A diet that includes cod liver oil and butter oil which contains high quantities of vitamins are found to prevent the tooth decay.If this diet is made completely without any sugar helps the teeth to rebuild itself naturally.To speed up the healing process some dentists use a drop of a combination of cod liver oil and butter oil as a part of treatment.

A proper and healthy diet are needed for a baby to build up a strong and wide palate.If the baby is not nourished with proper diet there is a greater chance for the formation of large palate causing to emerge misaligned teeth which ultimately lead to dental braces in children.These dental braces in children can be avoided when the baby is properly nutrified from the earlier stages of development that is from the foetal stages to the first years of his life for a strong and wide palate.

It is clear from these facts that you can build up strong teeth with a proper diet and avoid most of the dental problems in the earlier stages of life itself.Eating right food can surely fight against oral diseases.

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