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Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty

Gingivectomy is the surgical removal of gum tissue or gingiva and Gingivoplasty is a type of gum surgery used to reshape healthy gum tissue around teeth. Both these surgical treatments are done by periodontists. Periodontists are dentists specialized in treating gums and the other structures that support teeth

At first, Gingivectomy was developed to treat periodontal disease. But now it is more commonly used to improve the appearance of the gums.

Reasons for the removal of gum tissues include:-

  • Gaps or pockets which have formed between the teeth or gums. This may trap foods which gradually became the colonies of bacterias and ultimately leads to gum diseases. If the pockets involve only soft tissues, they can be removed by gingivectomy
  • If there is too much gum tissue around the teeth, some people find it hard to clean the epithelial attachment (joint between gum and teeth).In severe cases, this conditions can interfere with chewing and speech. Excess growth of gum tissue is actually not apparent but sometimes it is caused due to the intake of some medicines.

Gingivoplasty usually is done to look gums better. Gingivoplasty reshapes the gums to make them look more natural. It is often done alone but also done during or after a gingivectomy. Gingivoplasty also can be done along with a gum graft. This type of surgery adds tissue to the gum line.

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