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Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty dental treatment procedure

Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty dental treatment procedure

Thorough tooth cleaning is needed prior to the treatment of Gingivectomy or Gingivoplasty. This cleaning helps to remove the microbes and calculus from the gaps around the teeth. A periodontist also gives some dental care tips that help you to take care of your teeth after the surgery.

The surgical procedure

Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty are normally done with scalpels. It is also done using electrosurgery or laser units. Sometimes periodontists also use some specialized tools for Gingivectomies. They have angled blades that help to get around the teeth.

Gingivectomy, as well as Gingivoplasty, are done under local anesthesia. The duration of gingivectomy procedure ranges from a few minutes to more than an hour. The length of the treatment procedure also depends upon the amount of the gum tissues to be removed. Gingivoplasties typically is done in a couple of minutes.

After the Surgical procedure

After gingivectomy or gingivoplasty, there will be periodontal dressing for more than a week. The dressing should be soft and there will be dietary restrictions. The periodontist emphasize to the patients to have soft and nonspicy foods. Sometimes painkillers and antiseptic mouthwash may also be prescribed.

Cleanliness is very important during the healing period. You should not brush or floss at the dressing part. But you can brush at the other parts normally. When the dressing is taken you can gently brush at that part. Your gum tissues will look normal after 3 to 4 weeks but it will take 2 to 3 months to heal completely.

There are no major risks for both gingivectomy and gingivoplasty. There will be bleeding for 1 to 2 days and after that, the affected area will not bleed much. You have to call your periodontist if the bleeding doesn’t stop.

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