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Flossing tools and techniques while wearing Orthodontic braces

Flossing tools

Flossing your teeth is very important while you were wearing orthodontic braces since brushing and rinsing your mouth will not remove the food particles completely from the mouth because somehow the food particles will stick to the brackets or arch wires which will eventually cause gum disease or tooth decay.

Types of dental flosses

BridgeAid Floss Threader:-These are said to be the best flossing products.They are made up of large flexible plastic needles, which help you thread the floss through your brackets and arch wires.

Crest Glide Threader Floss:-It is a length of slippery Glide floss with a stiff end for threading under and around the brackets.

It is a length of regular unwaxed floss with a stiff waxed end. An advantage about this sturdyfloss is that you can bend the stiff end and re-shape according to your wish.

Thornton 3-in-1 Floss and SuperFloss:-Both of these flossing products are same and they have a thin plastic threader attached to a length of floss, but there is also a thick spongy piece of floss which help to floss the big spaces between your teeth.

FlossFish Tool:-It is a fish shaped plastic flossing tool, that can be wrapped around in a particular way which helps you to clean beneath the arch wires of your braces.

Flosspopper:-Flossing methods of Flosspopper are almost similar to the other flossing tools, but some people find it difficult to use it properly.

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