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Diabetes And Oral Health

Diabetes And Oral Health

Diabetes in a patient also causes some problems in their oral health.It is not important that the patient suffering from diabetes have a long lasting and severe oral health troubles but a dramatic increase in blood sugar levels will have serious impact on teeth,gums,tongue etc.The theory behind the connection between Diabetes and oral health is that when the blood sugar levels are uncontrolled it affects the white blood cells adversely which are the first line of defense of our body which ultimately lead to bacterial oral infections like gum disease.

Common oral problems that affect Diabetics are:

  1. Gingivitis or inflammation of gums
  2. periodontal disease or gum disease
  3. Xerostomia or dry mouth
  4. Oral inflammation of mouth or tongue
  5. Halitosis or bad breath

Periodontal disease in a diabetic has a greater chance for an increase in blood sugar levels.Dryness of mouth are one of the aftereffect of Diabetes which means there is a low production of saliva in the mouth which can cause decay because of the improper rinsing of the mouth.This improper rinsing of the mouth
causes the food debris adhered in the mouth that cause rot which eventually lead to tooth decay.Ask your dentist to recommend a saliva substitute to keep your mouth wet and have fluoride containing products regularly to prevent decay.

Diabetics are also at high risk for fungal infections called oral Candidiasis.The normal treatment by a dentist is to prescribe to the patient some anti fungal applications or tablets to deal with the infection and this diseased person will also suffer from inflammation of mouth or tongue.This patient will also suffer from Halitosis or bad breath,so the best thing is to give treatment for tooth decay since mouth rinsing may not help much.

If you have high blood sugar level then it is much better to postpone any kind of dental surgery because the wounds do not heal quickly.Let your dentist know everything about your previous medical history so that the dentist can give you instructions according to that.Diabetic patient undergoing orthodontic treatment should immediately consult the orthodontist if you had some wounds due to wires or bracket poking.

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