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Dental Problems Among Children

Dental Problems

A silent plague may be the starting of the damage in your teeth in your younger age which will creep not only to the problems of your health but also leads to the social problems which eventually decrease your self esteem,find it hard for success for your later life,poor social interaction skills.The villain here are oral particlesthat result in  the development of dental carries,misalignment of teeth,halitosis or bad breath etc which will surely have a negative impact on the child’s health and also leads to social problems.Tooth decay due to the oral particles will make the child difficult to swallow and to chew food properly leading to poor digestion and assimilation of nutrients.Bad breath will make the child reluctant to talk and mingle with his peers which will finally demoralize the child.

The plus point is that oral diseases are highly preventable when it is properly cared at the starting stage itself.The parents should have to take initiative to train their kids to eat sugary items in a moderate amount right from small age.The theory behind this tooth decay is that sugar left on the teeth are converted to acid which damage the tooth enamel,causing cavities.There should be regular dental check-ups (Normally once in six months),habitual use of oral hygiene products,proper brushing techniques.Also encourage the children to use fluoride-based toothpastes and mouth washes.The other best beneficial method is to use dental products containing vitamins particularly vitamin B6 which are found to facilitate good bacterias hindering the proliferation of cavity-causing bacterias.A daily habit of having vitamin-c pills will strengthen the gums.

Statistics shows that 90% of the Americans are suffering from tooth decay which apparently reveals that tooth decay is not only the main issue in the developed countries but also in highly industrialized countries like United States.Local government units,day-care centers,child-health organizations etc have to make an opening move to the awareness of this dental diseases among the parents and children.And also these organizations should join to fight against these cavities.Prevention is always better than cure and join the hands to fight against these cavities for a better tomorrow for our children.

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