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Causes of Bad breath or Halitosis

Causes of Bad breath or Halitosis

Bad Breath or Halitosis affects substantial number of people in all countries.85-90% of the bad breath causes originates from the mouth itself.

  • The most common cause of Bad Breath is the accumulation of food particles.The anaerobic bacterias act upon the food particles producing respiratory products which give off the characteristic rotten egg smell.
  • Tooth decay caused by bacterias also leads to Halitosis.
  • Dryness of Mouth (Xerostomia):-Saliva has the anti-bacterial action.Reduction of saliva leads to the accumulation of plaque which creates an environment for the growth of bacterias causing Bad breath. Keep reading http://graphixgaming.com/tips-and-ideas/the-ultimate-jaws/
  • Gum diseases and periodontal diseases are the other causative agents of bad breath.
  • Smoking also causes Bad breath due to the accumulation of nicotine or tar
  • Severe dieting or prolonged starvation also causes Bad breath due to Ketoacidosis
  • Infections of respiratory tract, diabetes and kidney dysfunction also causes Bad breath.These are generally called as Extra-oral sources.

Statistics shows that 25% of the people seeking professional help has Halitophobia or delusional Halitosis which is the fear of bad breath eventhough the people doesn’t actually have Bad breath.

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