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Diabetes And Oral Health

Diabetes And Oral Health

Diabetes in a patient also causes some problems in their oral health.It is not important that the patient suffering from diabetes have a long lasting and severe oral health troubles but a dramatic increase in blood sugar levels will have serious impact on teeth,gums,tongue etc.The theory behind the connection between Diabetes and oral health is that when the blood sugar levels are uncontrolled it affects the white blood cells adversely which are the first line of defense of our body which ultimately lead to bacterial oral infections like gum disease. Read more

Activated charcoal whitening agents for teeth than can be bleached

Activated charcoal whitening

A shining snow-white smile became an indispensable attribute of a successful image, and therefore in recent years a variety of teeth whitening agents have been very much in demand. The aesthetic dentistry is also making tremendous progress in this field, and today a wide range of professional methods of bleaching, pharmacy preparations for independent procedures, as well as various folk medicine that provide a radiant smile is offered to all comers.

Special whitening pastes

Activated charcoal pastes are sold, as a rule, in pharmacies. Their composition can include both abrasive substances that help remove the persistent plaque and the active substances penetrating the layers of the enamel. And although in most cases the concentration of such substances is low, to get the proper charcoal toothpaste benefits you should be applied strictly in accordance with the instructions, usually once or twice a week. Otherwise, you can cause serious damage to the enamel of teeth in children and adults.

Home whitening pastes

Toothpaste with activated charcoal powder, which helps clarify the enamel of teeth by two or three tones, can be done independently and be adding wood tar to it, this substance contains potassium hydroxide, which effectively copes with a persistent plaque.

Folk teeth whitening products

Traditional medicine advises the use of conventional activated charcoal powder, sifted through a sieve, to bleach teeth to remove large fragments of coals. This way people have been using since the very beginning of time. However, it is much more convenient to replace the ashes with crushed activated carbon tablets, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

For home bleaching, also use soda, which is cleaned teeth twice a week, rubbing the surface of the enamel with lemon, hydrogen peroxide, appliques from strawberries or strawberries. Keep reading http://www.thecharcoalfire.com/eight-good-foods-teeth-help-us-maintain-good-oral-health/

With the help of folk remedies, it’s hard to whiten your teeth, it takes a lot of time, and your teeth will bleach for a maximum of two or four tones, depending on their initial state. But the damage to the enamel can be very quick, and then you have to treat cavities and establish seals.

How to choose whitening agents for teeth

When choosing a whitening agent, it is necessary to take into account the initial state of your teeth, for example, teeth covered with a strong coating or naturally having a yellow enamel, it is impossible to whiten using home methods. Do not engage in bleaching in inflammatory processes in the oral cavity and carious lesions. Also, many drugs are contraindicated for hypersensitivity or thinning of tooth enamel.

The most optimal option is to take advice from your dentist, even if you want to whiten your teeth with some sort of, at first sight, harmless household method.

Activated charcoal

A reliable and proven method of teeth whitening for centuries. Simply pound the coal pellet and carefully clean the powder with your teeth. The method is ineffective if a strong change in the color of the enamel is observed, but it will help to remove the persistent plaque and lighten the teeth by one or two tones.

Teeth Whitening? First You Should Read This!

Teeth Whitening

Everyone desires to have a excellent smile. For any killer smile, one must have sparkling, bright, and shiny the teeth.

These days, a whole lot of people are spending much more cash just to possess their the teeth whiter. They make use of the best teeth whitening remedies and go through procedures to attain the brilliant white teeth.

The teeth lightening had been an efficient method to lighten the colour with the the teeth, without having taking away any of the tooth area. It’ll not totally whiten the entire set of teeth; it will just lighten the current shade with the the teeth.

Only a couple of are blessed with pearly white teeth, and our teeth usually grow to be discolored as we grow up.

Our teeth may also be stained on the outer component as a result of the food and drink. Coffee, tea, blackcurrant and red wine have effect for the discoloration of our the teeth. Smoking is one more cause of teeth discoloration. Many people might encounter staining beneath the surface area which is brought on by tiny cracks inside the teeth or certain antibiotics that absorb the stains.

But what are these the teeth lightening treatment options and procedures? And are these accomplished?

Bleaching. This really is most frequent form of the teeth whitening method. Your dental professional will suggestions you if this is the best teeth whitening treatment appropriate for you.

Bleaching is accomplished by placing a gel or rubber to shield the soft tissue of the gums. Then, the lightening merchandise is going to be applied in your the teeth by making use of a unique tray which shapes into your mouth like a gum shell.

The best teeth whitening product usually consists of carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide because the ‘active ingredients’. When these elements break down, the oxygen enters the enamel of the teeth thus, creating the colour lighter. The whole remedy may be finished in 3 to 4 weeks time.

For those who wish to go through to this therapy, you will need no less than 3 visits for the dentist. On your first visit, the dentist will produce a mouth-guard and take a caricature or impressions of it. Once the remedy has started out, it is suggested which you continue it at home. You must regularly apply the teeth whitening merchandise over 4 weeks, for a minimum of 30 minutes at a time.

Most from the recognized and best teeth whitening products could be used for as much as several hours at a time. The treatment could be done even while you are sleeping. Ideally, a great result can be attained in as small as a single week.

Laser Whitening. This can also be known as the “power whitening”. Even though expensive, a whole lot of folks particularly artists consider it since the best teeth whitening method.

Throughout this method, a rubber dam is placed above your the teeth to shield the gums, as well as the whitening product is then painted on your own the teeth. A laser will be employed to stimulate the chemical. The light will help increase the chemical reaction with the bleaching item, hence the shade transform may be attained much more rapidly.

Dentists feel that the end result of laser whitening therapy is excellent. It can make your the teeth as much as six shades lighter.

Unfortunately, not every person can get a chance to undergo laser treatment. The dental professional will need to verify your teeth and ensure that you are fit for that therapy. The total process is usually accomplished in an hour.

The results of this strength whitening is mentioned to last approximately 3 many years based on the particular person. The dental professional even now suggestions not to smoke, eat and consume goods that may possibly trigger a stain in your teeth. Others may possibly locate their the teeth vulnerable to cold after the treatment. But these symptoms usually vanish inside a couple of days.

They are just two of the famous and best teeth whitening procedures available. In spite of the reality that they might price a lot, the impact is even now worth it. Through these procedures, you’ll surely flash everybody a perfect smile.

Choosing a Toothbrush-Points to remember


For your dental health, the toothbrush has got greater importance than a toothpaste as suggested by the dentists. The selection criteria for the toothbrush for most people is its design and color. But there has got no importance in cleansing your teeth as claimed by the toothbrush manufacturers.

The most popular disbelief among the people is about the powered or electric toothbrush, in which they think that the electric toothbrush will help in better cleansing of the teeth. Actually, the powered toothbrush will make the process easier but there is no evidence to suggest that they are significantly better at cleaning your teeth than a normal toothbrush.

Selecting a toothbrush

  • Buy toothbrush which has soft bristles since hard bristles will tend to cause a gingival recession. Soft bristles are flexible and help to clean beneath the gingival margin and also protect your gums from damage.
  • The head of the toothbrush must be small that helps you to clean all areas of the teeth and inner mouth with much ease.
  • The handle should allow comfortable gripping
  • The shape of the neck or handle does not play any significant role in the quality of the toothbrush even though as it is claimed by the manufacturers.
  • The powered toothbrush doesn’t have any advantage over a manual toothbrush. The powered or electric toothbrush should be used for handicapped or bedridden patients, children etc. So this kind of toothbrush is selected on mere personal choice.

Replacing a toothbrush

  • A toothbrush must be replaced every 3 months or when the bristles start to wear, whichever comes first.
  • Overzealous brushing, especially by children, must be discouraged as it causes the bristles to wear off and moreover it causes gingival recession, bacteremia, painful ulceration of the gingiva.
  • There are a few color-coded toothbrushes in the market which indicates the replacement time for toothbrushes by fading the color. The color code in the toothbrush is produced by a dye.
  • Another important point to remember is that you have to replace your toothbrush after you were infected with infections like cold, flu, sore throat or mouth infection. The microbes can accumulate on the brush leading to reinfection.

Natural methods for teeth whitening

teeth whitening

Everybody knows that the first impression is the best impression. So you can impress people with your beautiful glitzy smile. For this, you have to ensure that you have got beautiful white teeth which also improves your confidence. You can make your teeth sparkle with the help of simple natural teeth whitening using baking soda [Sodium Bicarbonate] toothpaste which you can make at home.

You don’t have to spend a lot on this baking soda toothpaste. You can also brush with baking soda alone, but it will be a little unpleasant, though very effective and this is also often recommended by dentists. The other method to avoid this unpleasantness is to make a homemade solution that also keeps your breath fresh.

Method 1

Recipe to make this solution

Step 1
Mix 6 teaspoons of baking soda with four teaspoons of glycerin
Step 2
Add a 1/3rd teaspoon of salt in it
Step 3
10 drops of peppermint extract
Mix all this thoroughly and keep it in an airtight container. Replace your toothpaste with this solution and feel the difference.

Method 2

Another method for whitening your teeth is to use hydrogen peroxide along with baking soda. You can use hydrogen peroxide only after diluting and then mix the few drops of hydrogen peroxide with a teaspoon of baking soda. Then brush your teeth with this solution.

Method 3

Another way of using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda:-At first you have to brush your teeth with the toothpaste made by using baking soda, glycerin, and salt (Method 1).Then gargle your mouth with the mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. The solution must be 50% hydrogen peroxide and 50% water.

Points to remember

  • Hydrogen peroxide that you use must be food grade so that it is safe to use as a rinse.
  • Don’t swallow hydrogen peroxide
  • Rinse your mouth after using hydrogen peroxide
  • You can also seek the guidance of a dentist before using this method

Invisalign Treatment-Its Procedure,Merits And Demerits

Invisalign treatment

Invisalign treatment is the advanced technology which helps in closing the gaps between the teeth and also for properly aligning the bended or dislocated teeth. Invisalign system uses the methods like 3-dimensional modeling, modern computer technology. With the help of these methods, the aligners are clear and transparent thus the name “Invisible Braces”.The aligners are perfectly fit to the teeth which gradually helps to change the teeth’s position.

What is the Procedure for Invisalign Treatment?

  • Most Orthodontic treatment including Invisalign treatment starts by taking the impression of your teeth. The Invisalign dentist will also take some pictures of your teeth from different angles.
  • In the Invisalign laboratory with the help of a CT scanner, a three-dimensional model of your teeth will be taken.
  • With the help of most modern patented software, a simulation is made from their present to the final preferred position by making the 3D model of your teeth as the base.
  • The simulation is made for designing aligners and it is built as per the customer’s specifications. Then the teeth’s position is altered every 2 weeks as it gradually starts to move.
  • The custom-made aligners are sent to the Invisalign dentist so that you can witness the expected teeth movement in due course.
  • The Invisalign dentist will give you strict instructions for using the aligners. Usually, the aligners have to wear 20 hours a day.
  • Apparently, you have to make regular appointments with the Invisalign dentist to know the current position of your teeth alignment.

The advantages of this Invisalign treatment is that the treatment period is usually shorter and you can brush normally by removing the brace. It is virtually invisible to other people so that you can attend functions without any abashment. The efficiency of this treatment is at the peak since the teeth movements are decided by the computer. The most important advantage of Invisalign braces is that it is more comfortable because there is no sharp brackets or metal wires which can cause wounds in the cheek or tongue. The risk of tooth decay is remarkably less in this Invisalign treatment since they don’t have brackets that can catch the plaque.

The disadvantages of these invisalign braces are that it doesn’t have long-term track records like other traditional braces and this cannot be used for tooth straightening cases. Patients under 14 years of age cannot be treated using invisalign braces.
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