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Activated charcoal whitening agents for teeth than can be bleached

Activated charcoal whitening

A shining snow-white smile became an indispensable attribute of a successful image, and therefore in recent years a variety of teeth whitening agents have been very much in demand. The aesthetic dentistry is also making tremendous progress in this field, and today a wide range of professional methods of bleaching, pharmacy preparations for independent procedures, as well as various folk medicine that provide a radiant smile is offered to all comers.

Special whitening pastes

Activated charcoal pastes are sold, as a rule, in pharmacies. Their composition can include both abrasive substances that help remove the persistent plaque and the active substances penetrating the layers of the enamel. And although in most cases the concentration of such substances is low, to get the proper charcoal toothpaste benefits you should be applied strictly in accordance with the instructions, usually once or twice a week. Otherwise, you can cause serious damage to the enamel of teeth in children and adults.

Home whitening pastes

Toothpaste with activated charcoal powder, which helps clarify the enamel of teeth by two or three tones, can be done independently and be adding wood tar to it, this substance contains potassium hydroxide, which effectively copes with a persistent plaque.

Folk teeth whitening products

Traditional medicine advises the use of conventional activated charcoal powder, sifted through a sieve, to bleach teeth to remove large fragments of coals. This way people have been using since the very beginning of time. However, it is much more convenient to replace the ashes with crushed activated carbon tablets, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

For home bleaching, also use soda, which is cleaned teeth twice a week, rubbing the surface of the enamel with lemon, hydrogen peroxide, appliques from strawberries or strawberries. Keep reading http://www.thecharcoalfire.com/eight-good-foods-teeth-help-us-maintain-good-oral-health/

With the help of folk remedies, it’s hard to whiten your teeth, it takes a lot of time, and your teeth will bleach for a maximum of two or four tones, depending on their initial state. But the damage to the enamel can be very quick, and then you have to treat cavities and establish seals.

How to choose whitening agents for teeth

When choosing a whitening agent, it is necessary to take into account the initial state of your teeth, for example, teeth covered with a strong coating or naturally having a yellow enamel, it is impossible to whiten using home methods. Do not engage in bleaching in inflammatory processes in the oral cavity and carious lesions. Also, many drugs are contraindicated for hypersensitivity or thinning of tooth enamel.

The most optimal option is to take advice from your dentist, even if you want to whiten your teeth with some sort of, at first sight, harmless household method.

Activated charcoal

A reliable and proven method of teeth whitening for centuries. Simply pound the coal pellet and carefully clean the powder with your teeth. The method is ineffective if a strong change in the color of the enamel is observed, but it will help to remove the persistent plaque and lighten the teeth by one or two tones.

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