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6-month Orthodontic braces-Its treatment and reviews

Orthodontic braces

6-month smiles or 6-month orthodontic braces treatment are very effective to most of the orthodontic complaints in a very short period of 6 months.

The common orthodontic problems are crowding (teeth are closer to each other), spacing(space between teeth), overbite, underbite, overjet(bulging out of the front teeth), crossbite, open bite, misplaced midline (center lines of upper and lower teeth misalign). All these orthodontic complaints can be rectified in only a short period of six months.

Merits of 6-month orthodontic braces

  • wires are small,tooth colored and hence virtually almost invisible.
  • Treatment time period is comparatively very less
  • Total treatment cost is almost half of traditional or train track braces or invisiline braces

Treatment methods

At your first visit to the orthodontist he will take your impressions of your teeth and sometimes also take some photographs,X-rays which are the usual procedures.Then according to your conditions of your teeth the orthodontist will suggest you about the 6-month smiles treatment and tell you also about the cost of the treatment.

Then you will be fitted with the 6-month braces which consists of special wires,white brackets that are made from 6-month smiles laboratory in the United States Of America.The treatment using these braces are a complete success in America.

Usually you have to visit to the orthodontist every month inorder to tighten the wires of the braces which is a very simple procedure and takes only upto 10-15 minutes.

6-month orthodontic braces are using nickel-titanium wires along with the white brackets and so there is only less chance to visible it properly.It can be only visible at close-up.So there is no need of any embarrassment for wearing this braces.

Every braces have some discomforts and pain at the starting of the treatment and then you will be used to it.Orthodontists will prescribe you to take some pain killers like Ibuprofen or Paracetamol at the beginning.

you have to put retainers after the completion of the treatment inorder to reduce the risk of relapse. The teeth has the tendency to retain the natural position after the treatment, so the orthodontists will provide you with retainers like night time removable retainers or permanently bonded retainers on the back surfaces of your teeth.

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