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Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty dental treatment procedure

Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty dental treatment procedure

Thorough tooth cleaning is needed prior to the treatment of Gingivectomy or Gingivoplasty. This cleaning helps to remove the microbes and calculus from the gaps around the teeth. A periodontist also gives some dental care tips that help you to take care of your teeth after the surgery. Read more

Dental Problems of Aged People

Oral hygiene

Dental care is very important for all aged people since the lose of one permanent tooth is the loss forever.And the older people have much complicated and different types of dental problems compared with the younger people.Even so,proper dental care from the small age itself can prevent most of the dental problems.

One of the most common dental problems that the older people face are the cavities. Dry mouth is the one condition that ultimately lead to tooth decay and one of the cause of dry mouth is any kind of medication taken by the elder people.As part of the ageing process they may start to notice their gums receding exposing the root of the tooth to the cavities.If the older people doesn’t had the benefit of having fluoridated water during their younger days,the chance of weakening the teeth are more.

People of this age may experience tooth sensitivity to the utmost temperatures,sweet and sour foods etc. due to the gum recession exposing the tooth root.Brushing with formulated toothpastes and using fluoridated oral products can somehow minimize the tooth sensitivity.The much better option is to do a soft tissue graft by consulting a dentist.

Senior citizens are more at the risk of oral cancer than the younger people and their life long habit of smoking and drinking increases the chance for this disease.It should be brought to the attention of a doctor immediately if a lesion or sore is seen in the mouth.

The most common problem with the elderly people is the loosening of teeth. A better suggestion to this problem is to consult a Periodontist who will recommend a thorough checkup.

Older adults who are fitted with dentures sometimes feel some discomfort with the fitting of dentures.This is because the bones and gums that support dentures also begin to loose strength and change shape as you get older.Take the dentures to the dentist as soon as possible rather than to correct it yourself.

The problem of the teeth will eventually lead to Malnutrition since the older people mostly have the problems of chewing and swallowing.So it is much better to have a balanced type of eating habit which include a lot of grains,fruits and vegetables and limit your intake of salt.Regular consultation (normally once in 6 months) with the dentist is the only way to save your teeth.

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Ideal requirements of Orthodontic arch wires

best dentist

Orthodontic treatment with arch wires has got inevitable features of wires that has to be remembered and some of these features are given below:-

  • Spring Back:It is the measure of how far a wire can be deflected without causing permanent deformation.It is also called elastic deflection.
  • Stiffness:The presence of a low stiffness provides the ability to apply lower forces and a more constant force over time.
  • Formability:The arch wire has to exhibit high formability so as to bend into desired configuration such as coils,loops etc without fracturing the wire.
  • Resilience:It is the amount of force the wire can withstand before permanent deformation.
  • Biocompatibility and Environmental stability:Orthodontic arch wires should exhibit resistance to tarnish and corrosion and should be non-toxic.The material should maintain its desirable properties for extended periods of time after manufacture.
  • Joinability:The wire should be amenable to soldering and welding
  • Friction:The Arch wire should provide least friction at the wire-bracket interface.

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Different types of Brackets

Orthodontic braces

Brackets act as handlers to transmit the force from the active components to the teeth.Brackets have one or more slots that accept the arch wire.Brackets can be available in different designs and can be classified in a number of ways.

  • Edge type of bracket: Brackets used in the Edgewise and Straight Wire technique have a horizontal slot facing labially. These brackets with rectangular slots are so called because they accept wires of rectangular cross-section with the larger dimension being horizontal.These brackets provide greater control over tooth movement and do not permit tipping of teeth
  • Ribbon Arch Brackets:They are brackets which possess a vertical slot facing the occlusal or gingival direction.This kind of bracket is used with round wires to bring about tipping of teeth in labio-lingual as well as mesio-distal direction.These are used in Begg fixed appliance.
  • Weldable and Bondable brackets:Weldable brackets can be welded on to bands which in turn are cemented around the teeth and Bondable brackets can be bonded directly over the enamel.The under surface of bondable brackets has a mesh or grooves to help in interlocking with the adhesive while weldable brackets have a metal flange that can be welded to the band.
  • Metallic Brckets: Steel brackets are most commonly used of this type.The advantages are:-
  1. They can be recycled and sterilized
  2. They resist deformation and fracture
  3. They exhibit the least friction at the wire bracket interface
  • Ceramic Brackets:They are made up of aluminium oxides or Zirconium oxides.They are dimensionally stable,durable and resist staining in the oral environment but they are brittle and to compensate,their size is increased which tends to increase their bulk and also exhibit greater friction at the wire bracket compared to metallic brackets.
  • Plastic Brackets:They are mostly made up of Poly carbonates which are mainly meant to increase the esthetic value and they are available both in coloured or transparent forms.The main disadvantage is the friction between plastic brackets and metal arch wire is very high.

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Guidelines to choose the best dentist

Invisalign treatment

As far as health issues are concerned people are always confused to make a decision to consult the best doctor.The choosing of a doctor or dentist depends upon so much criteria namely Experience of a doctor,demand,pricing etc.

To choose an experienced doctor is the best choice as far as a patient is concerned.If you have any particular problem like jaw deformity you have to look for a dentist who has successfully corrected jaw deformity cases before.

If you are looking for an invisalign specialized dentist since most of the dentists are specializing on it which is using the advanced dental technology,the best choice for you to browse on the internet to get the skilled dentist in your locality.

A few tips to opt for a skilled braces doctor

  • Proven records of successful cases by doctors with before and after photos of patients
  • Thorough consultation is a sign of a skilled dentist
  • Easy payment plans
  • An emergency contact facility in the clinic in which the doctor is ready to give immediate treatment for the patient,for eg:regarding some broken wires of the braces

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Different Colours for braces

Teeth Braces

Human beings are much concerned of their own beauty now a days that is why the value of orthodontics is comparatively more than the other field of the dental technology.Colors for the braces can be opted by the patients according to their wish.

The colors for the braces are mostly selected by the children and teen agers and they are selected according to their own taste.The braces colors can be changed in each visit to the dental clinic by swamping out the rubber O strings that fit around the bracket which will not cause any pain to the teeth.

The first thing is that colors cannot be applied to the braces initially,and it can only be given after the bondage between teeth and braces which will surely take some time.You can change the color of the braces according to any auspicious occasions that you want to attend.

A few braces bracket colors that are available to the users:

  1. Traditional Metal-Silver
  2. Gold
  3. Clear ceramic braces

However Clear-Ceramic Braces are less noticeable but the most invisible form of orthodontics available today are Invisalign.

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How human teeth have evolved.

When it comes to our teeth most of us only really think about them when we have our regular check-ups or develop a problem with them. If you need a dentist then SJR Dental are a private dentist Leicester located .Other than that, we merrily go through our daily lives cleaning and flossing our teeth without really giving them a second thought. However, they are not only unique to each individual and are used to identify people who have died, but also help to tell the story of human evolution.

Throughout the centuries our teeth in terms of their type and placement in our mouths has changed as a result of the adaptations that have occurred in or diets.  The best way to look at how this has occurred is to go through each tooth type in turn.

Image Credit

Molars – these are the set of teeth that are found at the back of the mouth and are larger than the others with a flatter surface area. Their primary function is for chewing and grinding food. They are incredibly strong and have longer roots that the other teeth. Their strength and design mean they are perfect for chewing plant-based foods as these have strong cell walls and so are harder to break up in the mouth. Most of us find that we tend to get cavities at one point or another in these molars. This is because we spend most of our time chewing food using these teeth. Early man would also have used the molars more than the other teeth.

Incisors – these are the front four teeth on both the upper and lower jaw. Although these are incredibly strong the teeth structure is thinner than others. The main purpose of these teeth is to rip though meat before passing through the mouth for the other teeth to chew. In animals that are pure carnivores you will find that all, or the majority, of their teeth will be of an incisor variety. In omnivores such as ourselves all teeth types are present. Early man would have had incisors, but these would have been used very rarely when a meat source was hunted, they have developed further as our diets have become more meat based.

Image Credit

Canines – these are the pointy teeth that you can feel on either side of the incisors. They are used as clamps to hold meat into place whilst the incisors work to rip into it. They anchor the food items into place to prevent them from moving around as we try to bite them. Canines have changed in length and in the sharpness of the points over the years based on the main food source that was being consumed and is one of the great indicators of our dietary evolution.

Bicuspid – these are the smaller, molar type teeth that you find next to the canines in the mouth. They are designed to be utilised in the same way as molars to grind and chew food although in modern humans they are mostly used as a way to move food sources back to the lower molars. Early humans who had mainly meat-based diets would have used the bicuspids to further grind the meat after it had been torn off by the incisors.

What to do if your tooth falls out

Having one of your teeth fall out unexpectedly either as a result of some kind of impact perhaps from a fall or sports collision can be incredibly scary. An emergency call to a dentist will see you in the hands of a professional in no time who will be able to assess any damage to your tooth and gums and sort the problem for you which may include the need for Dental Implants. If implants are needed you should look for an Immediate Implant Cardiff business that has the knowledge and expertise to conduct this for you.

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As distressing as these incidents can be there are some things that you can do to help, as long as you can remain calm. The advice for what to do when a tooth is knocked out depends on the age of the tooth. If you are unsure of whether the tooth is a baby tooth or an adult one you should place the tooth in a small amount of milk or even better the saliva from the persons who’s tooth it is and keep in a container for your visit to the dentist.

If it is baby tooth that is knocked out, you should not try to put it back into place as you can damage the adult tooth that is growing beneath the surface. Instead you should try to keep your child calm and try to reduce and stop any blood that is coming from the wound. It is still important that you arrange for a visit to the dentist to check whether the tooth came out cleanly or whether there is a small amount of the tooth or root remaining in the gums.

Image Credit

When it is an adult tooth that is knocked out there are a number of things to do in order to give you the best opportunity to have the tooth implanted back into your gums. You should hold the tooth by the crown (the white area) and never touch the root section as you can damage it, if the tooth has fallen on the floor you can run it under cold water but for no more than ten seconds. Once it has been cleaned you can try to place the tooth back into the hole in the gum, if this happens easily you should bite down gently on a clean cloth to hold the tooth in place whilst you travel to the dentist. If the tooth does not go back into the hole in the gum easily you should place it in either milk or your own saliva and take it with you to the dentist.

Braces for Adults

Teeth Braces

There are lots of dental braces that can be used by the grown up people without any abashment.These braces are exclusively made for the adults in which they can be used with utmost comfortableness. Dentists also suggest that the Orthodontic treatment is much better to do in the childhood days in which our jaws and teeth are not completely developed and easy to correct the alignment of the teeth if it has some deformities.The details of different types of adult braces are given below.

  • The most popular type of orthodontic treatment which are also not much expensive are the fixed braces which are positioned on the front part of the teeth and the movement of the teeth is adjusted with the help of wires.The whole treatment would normally take 1-2 years which also depends upon the condition of the patient.The braces are normally tightened by the dentist on a monthly basis.
  • The other type is called ceramic fixed braces which resembles the natural colour of the teeth so that you can easily go into the crowds without any abashment
  • Lingual braces are the other type which you can wear which are fixed to the back of the teeth which cannot be easily observed by another people.
  • The best braces for the adults are the new generation clear braces. The great advantage of these braces are they are not fixed on your teeth instead they can be removed as to your wish but the dentists recommend normally to wear 18 hours a day.The 2nd advantage is that they are less noticeable and they are much hygienic compared to other braces.

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Developmental variations of the teeth

teeth whitening

Your teeth are some of the first things people notice when they meet you, and therefore people with dental issues often feel uncomfortable about their smile which consequently results in lack of self-esteem and self-confidence. According to a recent survey in U.S, majority of the  pointed that crooked teeth leave a negative first impression. And, almost all of people agree that those with healthy straight teeth are treated better in social situations than those with perceptibly crooked teeth.

Dental Braces are a potent tool used in orthodontics to coordinate teeth and their position with regard to your bite and for correcting dental problems such as crooked teeth, under bites, overbites and various other flaws of teeth. They are plastic or metal brackets that are fixed to your teeth and connected with wires that can be tightened according to the necessity. The two principal constituents of your braces are: the brackets that are pieces of shaped metal or ceramic attached to your teeth and the main string or wire that connects them.

Dental braces usually come in different forms:

Traditional Braces – Traditional braces are the most commonly used one among the different types of braces. This mainly consist of one small bracket glued to the front part of each tooth. A band is used in the molars to help sustainibility. Generally, brackets come in a number of different materials such as metal,ceramic and gold.

Invisalign – This mainly includes a clear plastic brace that consists of plastic trays, commonly called aligners, customized to fit each tooth. Invisalign braces can be removed and can be adjusted every two weeks or so. This type of braces is not recommended for children.

Self-Ligating Braces – Self-ligating braces, also referred to as speed braces, do not require ligatures or small bands which are usually used to keep the wires in place. This, as a result, creates less friction in between the wires and brackets.

Lingual Braces – Lingual brackets would be the apt type of braces for people who do no wish to appear wearing metals on their teeth. Lingual braces are actually installed behind the teeth, thus making it impossible to detect even at close vicinity.

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